What is GrowPro Experience?

We are an international company that offers experiences and free counseling to those who want to live, study and work abroad.

We act as a connection between the students and the different institutions that are involved in this international experience: schools and universities, health insurances, immigration departments, etc.

We give advice with the election of the destiny, with processing all the necessary documentation with the school, as well as the student visa, and we receive and help our students in our destinies.

All this without any additional costs for the student, as the institutions are the ones who remunerate us for helping them with the application paperwork of the students.

We offer our services to live experiences in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Sobre GrowPro

A bit of our history

GrowPro started in 2013, when its founding partners, Goiko and Pablo, began an adventure to Australia looking for new projects to come.

Once there, the lived first hand the difficulties to settle in a new place and the importance to count with support and accompaniment when you decide to live an experience abroad.

In 2015 Pere joined the enterprising team to consolidate the digitalization and internationalization of GrowPro.

So it was that they created GrowPro Experience, a platform to help those who want to study abroad and live the same situation as they did.

First, it was Australia, then New Zealand, Canada and eventually South Africa.

From then on, the company has grown to become a team of more than 50 people, with presence in Spain, Chile, México and Perú, as well as, all the destinies.

Live your experience with GrowPro

Before you start the journey

If you have been thinking about living abroad for a while and you are already prepared to start your journey, it is time to choose your destination and give form to your experience.

  • Select the package that most reflects what you are looking for in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or South Africa.
  • An Experience Manager will contact you to give you advice and personalize the program you have chosen.
  • We will be your connection with the selected school and process your student visa for you
  • You will always be able to talk with your Experience Manager by email, phone, skype, whatsapp or in-person in our offices in Spain, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

Once you have the visa approved, you will be able to buy your flight ticket to your new city.

The whole team in GrowPro will be waiting for you in your new desinity with open arms!

In your destination

When you arrive on your destiny, we will be waiting to receive you with a Welcome Session, where we will help you to:

  • Open a new bank account
  • Process all the paperwork in case you want to work
  • We will give you advice about how and where to find accomodation.
  • We will give you tips to adapt your Curriculum Vitae.
  • We will explain you how to move and adapt easily to your new city.
  • To settle in a new country for a while can be difficult if you don’t know anyone. It is important to meet new friends quickly!

For this reason, we create all kinds of events every week, where you will meet a lot of students like you: surf classes, barbecues, fitness classes, trips…You decide!

We have at your disposal phones and offices in all our destinies where you can go if you have any consult during your stay.

Frequently asked questions

Why are our services are free?
In GrowPro we don’t charge our students for our services. Why?Because our mission is to be a connection between the students and all the companies and necessary institutions to live this experience (schools, health insurance companies, the immigration departments to process the visa, etc.)These schools and institutions are the ones who remunerate us for a small amount of money for being the intermediaries and process all the paperwork related with the course, the health insurance or the student visa.The schools focus on their educational labour whereas GrowPro takes care that the experience in the new country is satisfactory for the student.In fact, one could perfectly process all the paperwork himself and the sum of all the costs would still be the same as allowing GrowPro to do it.For this reason, GrowPro offers those services for free to the people who trust in us and receive a quality, honest and closeness service that doesn’t affect on the final cost of the course nor the total experience.
How do I know that I can trust GrowPro?
We are a team of specialized advisors in our destinies that offers help to find the best study option for each person, according to his necessities of time, place and costs.All of our advisors have lived first hand the experience the are advising you and know perfectly the countries that they offer.
How can I validate that GrowPro is a real company?
We are an international company and 100% transparent, as we have constituted operative societies among different countries like Australia, (ABN 14627636088), Spain (CIF B66749631), Chile (RUT 59237590-7) or Peru (RUC 20602597203).
Do you have offices to visit?
We have more than 12 offices around the world, not only in the origin countries, but in each of our destinies as well.You can see more info about our offices on our office page.
Why should I let GrowPro process my student visa? Isn’t it better to process it myself?
We have a demanding visa department, certificated and highly qualified, that guarantees the best of our efforts to process the visa and that the final resolution is the most satisfactory one.

Press and media

We have appeared on different media, not only written press but radio and tv, that have recognized our labour and have explained our development as a company in the last few years.

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