And the winner of the GrowPro Australia Scholarship is…
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Hola peeps,

We know you have been waiting to know who’s the winner of the GrowPro Australia Scholarship. Well, we’ve been talking to you guys during the event, prior to it and afterwards, and considered thoughtfully all your applications and your motives to enjoy this opportunity. And after all this, all we can say is thank you all, Silvia, Valentina and Antonio in particular, and…

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S   V A L E N T I N A   :)))

Valentina Ungaro - GrowPro Australia Scholarship

You’re going to spend some time in Australia next summer!! Studying, living, surfing, and discovering what it’s got that makes it so special 🙂

Want to know a bit more about her? Born in Milan, to an Italian father and Peruvian mother, her mother tongue is Italian but she can speak fluent English and Spanish. She’s studied Management & Economics in Milan, and is doing the MiM in the ESCP at the moment, based in London.

She’s well know for being an entrepreneurial and creative young woman, with a hunger to learn and progress, able to work to the best of her ability both individually and in a team, as she’s a hard worker and has excellent communication skills -we can tell 😉 – As a perfectionist, she’s also meticulous and uses a methodical approach in everything she does to get the most out of it.

But other than the working skills, she has the dream of traveling around all the world to live and learn from all the different cultures in order to grow as an individual. Communicating and mingling with people is what she does best and what she actually loves the most and would like to turn it into a job in the future.

After her brother spent 6 months in Australia, he left his heart there, so funny as it is, she’ll be able to tell why. Because, as she told us, “I have to admit that I have not found a place yet like Australia was for him and by now I already fell in love with the narrations!”

So Down Under, get ready because Valentina is coming your way! 🙂 Congratulation and see you soon, mate!